Services & Jewellery Care

Coco & Elsa creations are crafted from exceptional and delicate material. In this dedicated section, discover the advice and services to preserve their beauty and functioning. For shipping service, please refer to the shipping section.

Polishing Service

Coco & Elsa offers a free lifetime polishing service for any piece of jewellery we sell. You can post it back to us or bring it to our market stalls in person. Please send an email to us in advance if you need a polishing service.

Engraving service of Initials

Each jewellery creation is unique, so is the person who wears it. Coco & Elsa offers a free personalized engraving service, Initials can be engraved in the jewellery you purchase. Please leave a message with the initials you want to engrave at check out.

Fixing service

Coco & Elsa offers a free fixing service depending on the severity of damage which is caused by your own after purchase. You can post the jewellery piece back to us or bring it to our stalls in person. Please send an email to us in advance if you need a fixing service.

Caring for Jewellery

Proper care and handling of your jewellery can help it maintain its beauty and sparkle for years to come. When you have purchased your precious jewellery, it is important to take proper care to ensure it lasts and maintains its sparkle.

Gold, silver and platinum metals are only rated at between 2.5 and 4 on Moh’s scale of hardness which means they require special care, cleaning and storage.

  1. Have your jewellery cleaned and polished at least once a year. Your jeweller may recommend that this be done more frequently on certain pieces.
  2. Have your jeweller re-string your pearls once a year, as the strand could be stretched or worn if they have been in contact with chemicals such as perfumes and hairspray. Have pearls knotted between each one, this will prevent the loss of pearls if the string should break.
  3. Wash your pearls with a softened cloth of mild soap and water after taking off to remove perfume, hairspray and cosmetics etc. 
  4. Wrap your pearls in tissue paper or place them in a cloth bag when storing them and keep them in a box away from other jewellery as you don’t want your other jewellery to scratch the pearls. 
  5. Store your jewellery in a jewellery roll when travelling, it will keep the jewellery organised and free from tangles and scratches. 
  6. Remove jewellery before using household cleaners as they can contain chemicals that can be harmful to your precious jewellery. 
  7. Never allow your jewellery to come into contact with chlorine bleach, as it can pit gold alloys. 
  8. Never put your jewellery down thoughtlessly, as they can be easily misplaced or lost. Always put them into a lined box and store in a secure place. 
  9. Never wear your jewellery while showering or cleaning, as gold jewellery will develop a soapy film and dull the appearance. 
  10. Never expose your gemstones to saltwater and harsh chemicals, which will dull and erode your gems. 
  11. Never rub silver with anything other than a polishing cloth or piece of felt. 
  12. Never allow sterling silver to come into contact with chlorine, as this will tarnish the jewellery.
  13. Never clean cultured pearls with chemicals or abrasives, as this will damage and scratch the surface of the pearls. 
  14. Avoid allowing pearls to come into contact with perfumes, hairspray and cosmetics 
  15. Never wear jewellery to bed or while participating in sport, as this may cause kinking, snagging or breakage.