The Coco and Elsa jewellery brand was founded over 12 years ago, born from a passion for jewellery and a desire for greater transparency in the offerings available in Australia.

At Coco & Elsa, we are dedicated to the art of jewellery design and crafting, specialising in delivering high-quality, designer fine jewellery with a distinct Australian touch through innovative fashion channels. Our expertise encompasses jewellery design, crafting, precious metal recycling, and supply chain innovations, all aimed at making luxury-quality designer fine jewellery accessible, supported by our Australia-based jewellery designers.

We exclusively focus on fine jewellery. Fine jewellery is distinguished by its premium materials, such as gold and silver, prized for their rust resistance, durability, and recyclability. Unlike costume jewellery, fine jewellery becomes shinier and more beautiful the more it is worn. In contrast, costume jewellery, crafted from non-precious metals and plastics, lacks these attributes and frequently contributes to landfill waste. It’s important to note that custom luxury brand jewellery does not meet the criteria for classification as fine jewellery.

Fine jewellery is often chosen for its quality and longevity, making it a preferred gift option. Crafted meticulously from high-quality precious metals, fine jewellery is 100% recyclable and lasts forever if properly cared for. It can be worn 24/7 if it doesn’t contain gems such as pearls, which cannot be soaked in water.

On the other hand, costume jewellery (also known as fashion jewellery) typically employs materials that contribute to landfill waste, such as plastics and silicon. It tends to last only a few days to a few months if worn 24/7. If not worn often, it may last longer, but eventually, the plated colour will fade away.